ATAR Calculator

ATAR Calculator allows you to estimate what your ATAR (Australian Tertiary Admission Rank) will be. To begin, select your state below:

ATAR Calculator is a website that allows you to estimate what your ATAR score will be.

How do I use it?

Using the subject box below, add all of the Unit 3+4 subjects you're doing to the Your Subjects section. Then, for each subject, enter in an estimated raw study score (study scores are out of 50, with 30 being the average). This site will determine what the study score will scale to (based on data from 2009 to 2012), add them all together (this is known as the "aggregate") and then estimate what your ATAR score would have been.

What is an ATAR score?

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How is the ATAR score calculated?

Basically, the process used to calculate an ATAR score is as follows:

  1. Each of your study scores is scaled (adjusted up or down depending on the strength of competition amongst the cohort of students studying the subject that year).
  2. The scores are added together to form a number called an "aggregate". The aggregate consists of:
    • Scaled score in an English subject (can be English, ESL [English as a Second Language], English Language or Literature). Note that doing an English subject is compulsory in VCE.
    • The next three highest scaled scores. These combined with the English subject are referred to as the "Primary 4"
    • 10% of any 5th or 6th scaled scores.
  3. Students are then ranked in order of aggregates. The student with the lowest aggregate on one end, and the student with the highest aggregate on the other end.

The ATAR score is a percentile, and represents how many students got a lower aggregate than you. For example, if your ATAR score is 80, that means that your aggregate was higher than 80% of students. 99.95 is the highest ATAR available, and means that your aggregate was the highest in the state (and hence you were better than 99.95% of other students).